Narrowing Your Worldox Search Results

Searching is likely the most used and indispensable Worldox feature for legal professionals. Of course the whole point of searching is to make document retrieval more efficient. However most users tend to rely on a single search method – which can work well enough, but indiscriminate searching can pull too many results, making searches more tedious. Here are some ways to refine your Worldox searches, to more readily identify exactly what you need.

Using the Document ID Number

If you are equipped with the DocID (for example you have a hard copy displaying the ID number in the footer), you can source that document in no time using the Location Bar.

To do this:

  1. Open Worldox.
  2. In the Location box, enter the DocID and press Enter.

Worldox search results

Note: You cannot search the document version number in the location bar, but you can view versions once you have located the document.

Using the Filter Bar to Narrow Results

Quickly narrowing broad search results markedly improves your search efficiency. The Filter bar (located just below the Location Bar) can help narrow search results by displaying only selected file types or allowing you to refine the displayed list using words included in the document name (Description) or in the Comments field on the document Profile card.

Worldox document management software for law firms

To filter the content of a displayed folder or search result, on the filter bar type a word used in the document description or comments field and press enter to filter the displayed document list.

Once the filter has been applied, only documents matching the filter will be included on the displayed list.

The drop-down function available in the filter bar lets you refine by any file type available in the list, such as Word documents (*.DOC) or Excel Spreadsheets (*.XLS).

To cancel the filter, use the drop down to select ‘All Files’ or click the green back arrow to the left of the Filter bar.

The Filter Bar can be especially helpful to people who like to use the Direct Access List. Since the Direct Access List provides a listing of all items within a matter, Filters and Tags can help you quickly distill the list to find the desired files.

Refining Search Results using Tags

Tags offer a fast, visual way to restrict search results to files with selected Profile characteristics.

The Tags tab at the bottom of the Worldox window reveals available selections, such as Client or “Folder”, Matter, Document Type, and, Author. Click as many tags as you need to identify the documents that match the tagged characteristics. You can also exclude tags from the search by clicking the green icon to the left of the filter, turning it into a red minus sign.

Worldox document management software for law firms

Using these techniques can make it easier to find documents that can get buried in a broad search, helping you locate your documents faster.

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