Sharpen Your Focus With Customized Amicus Dailies Settings

As discussed in my previous post, the Amicus Attorney Dailies module is a great way to get a bird’s eye view of your practice by consolidating the day’s records within a centralized view. You can get even more value from this feature by customizing your Dailies for a more personalized presentation.

Get Right to Your Preferred Dailies View On Startup

Start your day with a view of your priority information before you even start moving your mouse. You can set your default Dailies display page to automatically open to your preferred view (e.g. Today’s Practice Reminders, Today’s Overview, or any other internal or external page or available Dashboard.) Here’s how:

  • To access Dailies preferences, click on Office in the left navigation pane and click on “Dailies Pages” under the heading “Dailies”.
  • This opens the Preferences window. To select a default page to load on startup, simply select the desired page and click on the Set As Default button.
  • Click OKand the next time you launch Amicus Attorney, your selected Dailies page will be displayed.

(You can set up Preferences to suit your needs, including reordering the pages in the Dailies module, adding or removing pages, and specifying URLs (website addresses) for any external or internal web pages.)

Using Dailies as Your Information Highway

You can add almost any kind of web page to the Dailies navigation panel. Think of it as a gateway to the core information you review regularly during your day, such as Firm News, Legal News, Stocks or web pages that you visit often.

  • In the Dailies preferences, Click on New, enter a Title for the web page and the URL. Click OK.
  • You can reorder the position of the web page by using the Move Up or Move Down buttons.
  • You can also edit existing web pages to replace titles and URLs as needed.

Customize Your Dailies Pages To Improve Workflow

Dailies pages don’t have to be limited to presenting information –if you have Amicus Attorney Premium, you can incorporate features that let you control Amicus Attorney and your workflow without switching views.

Amicus Attorney Premium includes 3 pre-designed Dashboard pages – My Desktop 1, My Desktop 2 and Instant Data Entry so that you can choose a layout that best meets your needs. You can see a couple of these pages below.

Dashboards allow you to access or create a number of record types, including New Appointments, Time Entries, To Dos, Messages and Documents without first navigating to a different screen.

Amicus Attorney Premium also gives you the flexibility to create and design your own Dashboard Pages for a highly customized productivity portal, which I’ll discuss in a future post.

New Client Portal Dailies Updates

In the newly-released Amicus Attorney Premium 2015, your Dailies module now includes an excellent feature called Client Portal on the Today’s Practice Reminders Page. This notifies you of any updates made by your clients in the Client Portal and takes you directly to the changes.

Personalizing the Amicus Dailies Module to suit your preferences is just another way this practice management tool can help you keep you focused on your day’s priorities.

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