Creating Special Purpose Binders in Primafact

Within most matters, there are often smaller issues to manage that require only a subset of the complete document record. Primafact allows you to maintain copies of the same document in multiple locations, which can be useful for managing discrete activities, such as preparing for discovery or assembling motion materials. Creating special purpose binders lets you corral these curated document sets in one convenient location. I’ll show you how to set one up below:

In our example, I am responding to a motion to complete undertakings.

Creating Your Binder

In the applicable Matter, I will open a new binder and name it Motion for UT dated June 2015.”

To create a completely new binder without any pre-set contents:

Right Click on the Matter folder,
Select New
Select Binder.
Name the New Binder.

To speed things along, if I have an existing binder template, I can simply copy it to apply its associated tabs.

In my current example, I will create two Tabs – one for my pleadings and motion materials, and a second for items like correspondence and my linked Undertakings spreadsheet so that I can stay on top of any developments before my motion.

To create a tab:

Click on the Special Purpose Binder
Right Click in the Explorer view
Select New Tab.

Name the New Tab and Repeat as required; the folders and subfolders are highly customizable.

Populating Your Binder

To assemble your special purpose binder, simply copy (rather than move) any required items from an existing binder location in Primafact. A simple way to do this is to “drag and drop” selected documents from the original location to the new binder and clicking Copy. You may also scan items directly to this binder (though you may also want to have a copy in the main file) or print items such as emails and Word documents to Primafact.

“Live” documents (like your Undertakings spreadsheet) that are periodically updated can also be linked to Primafact for easy access.

If you are assembling your motion record from scratch, this is a handy way to gather the required documentation in one place. You can take advantage of the Binder index to create the index for your printed materials.

Now whenever you want to access your motion materials without sifting through the full Matter, it’s available in one place for easy review.

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