“Cloud Desktop Just Works, Period."


 David Levy

Managing Partner

Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP

Plaintiff Personal Injury 
19 lawyers, 65 staff
Toronto, Ontario

Howie Sacks & Henry is a dynamic, growing firm with a reputation for providing exemplary client service.  In 2015, they determined that the firm needed a new IT system that would enable them to maintain this level of service while maximizing their productivity.

The challenge

As a personal injury firm, many of their clients are experiencing the most difficult periods of their lives, dealing with traumatic injury and loss – the firm could not allow their client service to suffer because of technical obstacles. 

They needed to find a reliable, hassle-free solution that worked for them and could be implemented quickly.  After speaking with us, they decided our professional and completely managed Private Cloud system, Cloud Desktop™, fit the bill perfectly. “LexCloud.ca was simply the best choice from the get-go”, says David Levy, managing partner. “They’re pros, it’s not complicated. They demonstrated that quickly and convincingly.”


“LexCloud.ca knows how law firms work, and they cater their service accordingly.”


It just works

Our Private Cloud solution allowed the firm to keep the transition simple; they didn’t have to purchase new equipment and because it was designed specifically for law firms, we were able to support most of the equipment and software the firm already had, including legal software such as Amicus, PC Law and ACL5.

Monitored and managed by experts, Cloud Desktop allows lawyers and staff to save time from managing IT and, we’re happy to report, has effectively cured David’s tech-related headaches,

According to David, the firm’s new system is professional, functional and most importantly, reliable. “You just take it as a given that the technology is going to be there for you. The most important thing is that it does what you need it to do.”

Howie, Sacks & Henry report that they are more productive than ever, with their new system enabling their team to focus on what really matters – the practice.


“Their command of our industry is quite apparent to me.”


Professional management

David knew that LexCloud.ca was the best choice of provider from the start: “You want a lawyer and an accountant who are pros – you also want an IT provider who’s a pro.”

He appreciates our focus on law firms, which makes a difference in how we approach system setup and support.  Right off the bat, the LexCloud team identified an indexing issue with the firm’s litigation software, Primafact. Because of our knowledge of this specialized legal software, we were able to quickly execute a system solution that improved its indexing performance. With LexCloud, the firm can now rest assured that their files are accessible when they need them.


Taking the hassle out of IT

By working directly with our team, the firm eliminated the need for a middle man. Unlike most Private Cloud providers, we own all of our technology. This means we are flexible and fully accountable for the performance of our system and our clients can rely on us to address any concerns that may arise. “Nothing’s perfect,” says David, “but the system works, and when you need help, the LexCloud support people handle it - they are very good at what they do.”

Thanks, David! We are proud of our 99.9% uptime track record, and if needed, our professional help desk is available to provide our clients with emergency or scheduled support.

“Hire them.

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The result

According to David, the less you hear about IT in the office, the better. And, he doesn’t hear much! It’s just not an issue for them.

The system does what the firm needs it to do, and they can focus on their clients.
What does David say when talking to other firms about LexCloud.ca? “Hire them. They’ll give you the system you need.”

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