“LexCloud.ca Delivers Freedom to Collaborate Across Three Offices”

Ted Tichinoff
Senior Partner

Evans Bragagnolo & Sullivan LLP

Full Service Law Firm
12 lawyers, 18 staff
Timmins, Haileybury, & Cochrane, Ontario

Evans Bragagnolo & Sullivan LLP strives for excellence, both in the full service they offer clients as well as providing a stimulating and attractive work environment for their lawyers and staff. A key part of that work environment is providing high tech, says Ted Tichinoff.

The Challenge

The firm needed a high-quality cloud system that allowed 
productive collaboration across locations.

Having grown to three offices spread over northern Ontario, the firm needed to improve the quality of their IT. They had what Ted describes as a “patchwork” of servers and hybrid in-house and cloud solutions that were “erratic, with unreliable functionality.” Ted sought a way to connect the three firm locations, enabling no-hassle collaboration with a central spot for all the firm’s files so that lawyers and staff can work “productively, smoothly, easily” from any location – be it within one of the offices, or remotely.

Ted took the opportunity to visit LexCloud.ca’s booth at the OTLA conference, and then consulted other firms that use LexCloud.ca. The positive feedback he received from colleagues included that LexCloud.ca catered to law firms – a persuasive point.

Focus on legal IT

“LexCloud.ca knows how law firms work, 
and they cater their service accordingly.”

Ted says that LexCloud.ca’s exclusive focus on law firms is one of the reasons why the firm finally chose LexCloud.ca – they know how law firms work, and they design their service to help law firms run smoothly.

Connected and Collaborative Anywhere

The firm’s three offices have gone through IT growing pains over the years, achieving collaboration despite their patchwork systems. Now with LexCloud.ca, they collaborate with ease because of their IT system. The ability to share files and work from a single cloud system together has even improved productivity.

And the freedom to work between offices also extends to working remotely from anywhere they have a connection. When summer approaches, the firm’s lawyers try to make the most of it by working in sunny locations like cottages or camps. LexCloud.ca’s robust remote access allows the firm’s lawyers to work reliably anywhere.

Compatible with Legal Apps

A key benefit to LexCloud.ca’s focus on legal IT is the cloud system’s compatibility with legal software the firm already uses. Each area of the full-service firm uses their own specific applications, Ted says, mentioning PCLaw and DivorceMate as two examples. They needed a system that was built to work with their software, and that provided expert legal IT app support, available when they needed it. LexCloud.ca provided a solution that was compatible with the apps they were already using and depended on, allowing an easier transition. Their expert support has the firm’s back when needed.

Secure Canadian Data Centre

Security was another important factor in the firm’s choice of LexCloud.ca. Like any law firm, they needed a fully secure system to protect client data. LexCloud.ca’s intensive security includes a 5 layer backup including daily off-site copies, network hardware redundancy, data encryption, and advanced internet security and virus protection. In addition, the data centre, located in Canada, employs many levels of physical security including retinal scans for access. Ted knew the firm could never replicate this high level of security in-house, and is grateful the firm doesn’t have to manage it too.

The Result

“The freedom to work from different locations is a 
major productivity improvement and allows us to do better work.”

Ted was “impressed with the quality of service, and the people” at LexCloud.ca with whom he worked to migrate to the new system. The firm is more than happy with their switch to LexCloud.ca. He emphasizes that the state-of-the-art system allows the firm to accomplish something they never had before and that was dearly needed – seamless collaboration across locations, and high-quality remote access. The “freedom” LexCloud.ca provides even allows the firm to do “better work.” A legal IT firm can’t ask for better praise than that.

For a free consultation on your legal IT needs please contact simplify@lexcloud.ca or visit our Products page to learn about LexCloud.ca’s Cloud Desktop™ for law firms.

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