Elevate your Firm's Document Management with Lex DMS

LexCloud.ca’s built-in solution for Canadian law firms

Many law firms are challenged by the overwhelming number of documents they are required to prepare and store.

For small and mid-sized firms that handle a moderate number of documents in their practice, MS Windows can be a limited but workable file management solution. However for those firms that regularly deal with large numbers, documents can quickly become disorganized, errors are made and productivity is compromised.

LexCloud is pleased to offer Lex DMS, a light document management system (DMS) for law firms. Lex DMS is for firms who require document management but aren’t yet ready to invest in separate, more robust solutions.

We’re proud to be the first Canadian legal IT provider to offer DMS, as a built-in feature of our Private Cloud.

Lex DMS replaces your file system with a searchable database, making document retrieval more efficient and management less error-prone. Preserve firm knowledge by capturing and centralizing it. Save time spent searching and quickly access precedents for correspondence, memos, submissions and other firm documents.

Lex DMS delivers critical capabilities you can’t get with MS Windows:

  • Document content searching
  • Document versioning
  • Email management and integration
  • Built-in note taking
  • Document profiling
  • Mobile access via LexCloud’s virtual desktop
  • Expert support from the LexCloud helpdesk
  • And more

Lex DMS organizes documents to work the same way law firms do. Folders are structured in three levels:  

  1. Client
  2. Matter
  3. Document Group

Document groups can be customized as categories that best suit your practice. In the example below, our Client is Abigail Flores, the Matter is 3441 Ab-All Insurance, and the Document Groups are called Pleadings, Memos, Affidavit of Documents, Accounts, Intake and Correspondence:


In the above view, all of the documents associated with that Client are displayed. Views are easily customized using the filter buttons at the top of the page (Documents, Emails, Notes, Favorite).

Email integration

Drag and drop email into Lex DMS to easily track all electronic correspondence with a client. In the right-hand pane below, all of the messages within the email are broken out:    

LexDMS-Email Preview


Accurate, easy searching

Filter your Client, Matter or Document Group folders using the search bar at the top of the screen. In the example below, we search for “Motion” within the Pleadings Document Group:


A convenient preview screen enables you to quickly review the contents of documents and emails while searching:


Use the Content Search to search inside of documents and within document profiles:




Lex DMS tracks each version of a document, automatically assigning the date and the last user to edit the document. In the preview pane below, you can see each version of the document listed chronologically:



Lex DMS’s centralized ‘Notes’ feature is a simple and easy way to keep track of case notes. In our next view, the filter is set to display all of the notes associated with this Client:



Storage and back-ups

All of your firm’s documents are securely stored offsite on LexCloud.ca’s servers, hosted in an ISO certified, Canadian data centre. Every document your firm generates is automatically saved in Lex DMS, ensuring user compliance while keeping sensitive files off of local devices.

Secure access

Rest assured knowing your files are protected by LexCloud’s advanced security and regularly backed up to our Private Cloud. Because all of your documents are stored in the data centre, they’re accessible to your team whenever they need them, securely encrypted and protected from cyber threats.

Simply log in to LexCloud’s virtual desktop on any device to access all of your applications, emails and documents.

As Canada’s leading provider of Private Cloud for law firms, LexCloud is the first to offer document management as a built-in feature.

Contact us today to learn how LexCloud.ca can improve your law firm's productivity!

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