About Us

A better way to do legal IT

For over 20 years, LexCloud.ca has focused on bringing the benefits of technology to Canadian law firms.

LexCloud.ca is proud to have developed Cloud Desktop™, the leading Cloud IT platform for Canadian law firms.

Cloud Desktop delivers the benefits of cloud technology, yet is fully compatible with existing legal applications. Built for law firms, it replaces on-site IT with a highly-reliable cloud solution for a simple monthly fee.

We have assisted hundreds of firms to improve their practice efficiency with solutions ranging from IT networks to document and practice management software.

From offices in Toronto and Ottawa, our consultants work closely with firms to adopt and support in-house and cloud solutions.

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Meet the Team


Mike Dewdney

Over his 18 years with LexCloud.ca, Mike has executed hundreds of IT projects, such as paperless office, litigation workflow, and firm-wide technology transitions. His leadership is key to the design and delivery of all LexCloud.ca projects.


Karim Jinnah, LLB

Trained as a lawyer and a software developer, Karim founded LexCloud.ca with the goal to help lawyers be more efficient and effective. Karim focuses on the strategic direction for LexCloud.ca: bringing the benefits of Cloud IT to the legal community.


John Rankine
Engineering Manager

With 18 years of experience in IT project and network management, John is a key brain behind the scenes of LexCloud.ca. He is responsible for technology architecture and steering, new product development, and testing for our technical support teams.


Michael Downing
Business Development Manager

Michael is our trusted communicator tasked with demystifying the tech-speak and helping law firms make strong technology decisions. He has spent 15 years helping businesses make good investments and bringing the human touch to the
bits and bytes.


Scott McNeil
Senior Technical Manager & Applications Lead

With us since 2007, Scott McNeil is our Senior Technical Manager and Applications Lead. He is a leading expert in Worldox Document Management and has directly managed many of our key LexCloud.ca implementations.


Thi Pham
Helpdesk Manager

Thi is LexCloud.ca’s Helpdesk wizard. His key responsibility is the delivery of Service Level Agreement commitments to our clients. His hands-on, no excuses approach is key to making sure our customers' needs are always met.