4 Benefits of Private Cloud for Your Law Firm


If you’re like most lawyers, referring to your days as “busy” is a gross understatement. The last thing you need is computer problems getting in the way of your productivity. Even when your IT is working well, managing systems and supervising IT consultants is a chore, and can put a strain on your budget.

Recent advances in cloud computing are answering the challenge of in-house IT, reducing the need for firms to manage technology. Why have thousands of lawyers switched to Private Cloud? Because they offer state-of-art cloud capabilities while eliminating onsite IT management and capital expenditures, and provide elastic capacity that scale up and down with your practice.

Simply put, Private Cloud houses all of your apps and data in the cloud, so you don’t have to. All you have to do is open one window on a laptop, tablet, or phone to access everything you need. You may already use cloud computing such as Dropbox to store your personal files or pictures, or email platforms like Gmail for personal messages. Private Cloud takes a new, professional approach for businesses, offering high-tech network security, expert management, and built-in disaster recovery.

Many Canadian law firms have moved to the Private Cloud because of the clear benefits it has over traditional solutions. Here are four of the most compelling benefits for law firms:

1. Work from anywhere

Simply log on to your secure work space anywhere you have a connection, on your laptop, tablet, or phone. With cloud desktops, no matter what brand of tech you use, you’ll get a consistent high-quality Windows experience. (Yes, it’ll even work consistently on Macs!)

Picture this: You need to leave the office quickly but aren’t quite finished your work. You shut down your computer and run out the door. When you fire up your laptop at home, you open your cloud desktop window and…voila! As though you never left the office, your documents are open with the cursor in the same place you left it.

When your desktop lives in the cloud, you have the freedom to take your office anywhere you need to be – be it meeting room, remote office, or couch. It’s up to you.

2. Cross IT off your list

Managing a law office can feel like a chore, especially when IT is your responsibility. Imagine if you could simply cross that responsibility off your list. Did that get your attention? One of the beauties of cloud desktops is that managing IT is not your problem anymore.

Because all of your apps and technology are maintained by your Private Cloud provider, on-site management is not required and your network is fully reliable, without effort. If managing server crashes, software updates, and file backups are not your thing, you’ll love cloud desktops. And when your system always just works, your firm will love them too.

3. Ideal for law firms

A truly unique advantage of cloud desktops over in-house solutions is that they deliver the benefits of the cloud while maintaining compatibility with all of your existing legal software. That means your complete office is virtual, accessible via a window in the cloud.

Through this window, you can use all of the software your firm depends on, such as PC Law, Time Matters, and Primafact. Because the cloud-based network is so robust, doing all of your daily work on your cloud desktop is as fast and reliable as working in the office (and depending on your current system, perhaps faster and more reliably).

4. Big-time security for small-time cost

What’s your plan for disaster recovery? If you’re like most firms, you’ve done your best to safeguard confidential client information and firm resources. But, in the event of a disaster or a security breach, you may not be completely confident in your recovery plan. Business continuity is a hot topic for most businesses, but when it comes to a law firm, you know best that keeping data safe is paramount to your firm’s reputation, and therefore, its success.

State-of-the-art cloud technology ensures that client data is protected from disaster and security breach, ensuring business continuity – no matter what. The level of future-proofing Private Cloud provides is simply not realistic with in-house IT. And clearly, the peace of mind knowing that your business will continue to function in any event is a huge check mark in the cloud desktop column.

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By switching to Private Cloud, law firms get all the benefits of the cloud including the freedom to work from anywhere with the apps they know, without the hassle of IT management or the risk in-house systems pose. If your firm hasn’t considered moving to the cloud yet, it’s time.

The question is, what are you going to do with all the extra time you'll save from managing computers?

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