Security and Continuity: Finding Peace of Mind in the Cloud

Security and Continuity: Finding Peace of Mind in the Cloud

Karon Bales

Bales Beall LLP

Wills & estates, family law, litigation, employment law
9 lawyers, 9 staff
Toronto, Ontario

Toronto firm Bales Beall LLP had a professional IT setup: a server room filled with a solid network of servers, providing a LAN that worked well for the firm - most of the time. As all in-house systems do, it was nearing the end of its life: remote access was becoming onerous, software was crashing and the network was slowing down. One option was to simply buy new servers to replace the old. But Partner Karon Bales had heard of Private Cloud and wondered: would moving to the Cloud be a safer, more reliable solution?

“Cloud Desktop Just Works, Period."

“Cloud Desktop Just Works, Period.

 David Levy

Managing Partner

Howie, Sacks & Henry LLP

Plaintiff Personal Injury 
19 lawyers, 65 staff
Toronto, Ontario

Howie Sacks & Henry is a dynamic, growing firm with a reputation for providing exemplary client service.  In 2015, they determined that the firm needed a new IT system that would enable them to maintain this level of service while maximizing their productivity.’s #1 Service Makes the Cloud Easy’s #1 Service Makes the Cloud Easy

Karn Malhotra
Managing Partner

KM Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Specialists
2 lawyers, 4 staff
Hamilton, Ontario

When it became time for KM Personal Injury Law to establish their new office, Karn Malhotra wanted to look at alternatives to in-house servers. He knew what making a capital investment in IT equipment meant: a seemingly endless cycle of server upgrades. Empowers a Firm to Grow and Prosper Empowers a Firm to Grow and Prosper

Maureen Whelton
Managing Partner

Stevenson Whelton MacDonald & Swan LLP

Litigation and Personal Injury
14 lawyers, 15 staff
Toronto, Vaughan, Oakville, & Oshawa, Ontario

Stevensons LLP and MacDonald & Swan LLP were ready to make big changes to their firms. Their ambitious plans included merging and growing their practices to multiple locations. Among many things, this required a complete re-evaluation of their IT. Four offices spread across central Ontario required a robust, reliable system that could be easily and consistently employed across locations. They needed IT that empowered their newly formed firm to grow and prosper, and at the same time, not break the bank at a crucial time in their evolution.

“A New Firm Gets Up and Running Fast, with”

“A New Firm Gets Up and Running Fast, with”

Duncan Macgillivray
Founding Partner

White Macgillivray Lester LLP

Personal Injury Lawyers
6 lawyers, 12 staff
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Committed to the northern community where they’ve built their lives and careers, Duncan Macgillivray and his partners decided to set up their new firm in Thunder Bay, Ontario. As seasoned lawyers, they knew they could serve their community best by becoming the only boutique personal injury law firm in the city. To do this, they needed to set up their office, and fast.

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