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Karn Malhotra
Managing Partner

KM Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Specialists
2 lawyers, 4 staff
Hamilton, Ontario

When it became time for KM Personal Injury Law to establish their new office, Karn Malhotra wanted to look at alternatives to in-house servers. He knew what making a capital investment in IT equipment meant: a seemingly endless cycle of server upgrades.

Karn’s previous firm had to purchase new servers about every four years. As the servers approached the end of their life cycles, they took more and more time to manage. So, he wanted an expert IT firm that provided full service to consult on the right solution, install it, and manage it for his office.

Karn’s previous VPN was slow and “didn’t even work
outside of Canada,” leading them to focus on cloud solutions

The Challenge

Karn’s frequent travel and experience with sub-par IT functionality meant that reliable international remote access was a must. After investigating IT alternatives, Karn and his Law Clerk Jeanette Ford uncovered that the Private Cloud has reliable remote access everywhere a high-speed Internet connection exists. Private Cloud appeared to be an excellent option for the firm.

Karn and Jeanette began seeking a proven Private Cloud solution that they were highly confident would keep the firm’s data private and wouldn’t take time away from their work to manage. They wanted to focus on their practice, not IT, and therefore needed technology that was well-supported, and just worked.

When they discovered that Cloud Desktop™ from LexCloud.ca met all their criteria, they knew the firm had found their new IT solution.

Smooth Adoption of Cloud Desktop

"The first day went so smoothly, our IT guy was bored,there were no issues”

Karn and Jeanette agree that because of the turnkey setup process provided by LexCloud’s staff, the implementation was painless. Jeanette says, “The first day went so smoothly, our IT guy was bored,there were no issues.”

She says, “We’ve had a few minor issues, just niggling little things, like people forgetting passwords, and each time, everyone at LexCloud we’ve dealt with has been great and issues were solved easily and quickly.” Jeanette concludes that adopting Cloud Desktop was simply “a smooth transition.”

Remote access is vital

Because Karn frequently travels internationally, he needs a solution that provides complete access to his desktop, everywhere, unlike his old solution. With Cloud Desktop, he can now work anywhere, with full, reliable access to everything he needs. There’s no special setup needed. He just connects to the Internet and logs in.

“It takes much less time to manage,
and we don’t have to upgrade our servers
every four years anymore.

Minimal IT management

The firm wanted a well-supported system with expert service so that they could minimize time spent managing IT. The fact that LexCloud manages the whole system for you was a persuasive argument for adopting the solution. The firm knew LexCloud would handle the details for them and keep their IT working with minimal supervision from the firm.

Keeping data in Canada

Karn needed a system that had servers located in Canada so that there were no risks or questions around where and how his data was housed. Some of the providers he considered before LexCloud.ca had servers housed in the United States. But, after researching the issue, he decided the uncertainty around US privacy regulations were too great, and resolved to go with a solution housed in Canada.

The Result

“Service so good, 
you know you won't have to worry about anything.”

Karn is particularly happy that from a management point of view, the firm’s IT takes less of his time. In addition, they are no longer bound to that broken cycle of upgrading every four years. The firm just pays a monthly fee and gets what they need.

Excellent communication and “#1” service between the firm and LexCloud.ca’s sales and technical staff were two key reasons they consider the solution a success. Jeanette says, “They were all great at informing me on what to expect. From the planning, to the implementation of the system, to the IT service, LexCloud has provided excellent communication and service.”

Both Karn and Jeanette agree that they would recommend the solution to friends or colleagues. Jeanette says, “It’s easy to recommend a solution that has service so good, you know you won’t have to worry about anything.”

For a free consultation on your legal IT needs please contact simplify@lexcloud.ca or visit our Products page to learn about LexCloud.ca’s Cloud Desktop™ for law firms.

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