LexCloud Announces LSO Certified Cyber Security Training for Law Firms

Cyber security is essential for law firms


LexCloud is pleased to announce availability of our new LSO Accredited “Cyber Security Training for Law Firms”. This session is focused on fortifying the human element in your cyber defences to avoid compromising vital firm information and to help ensure firms don’t come up short in client audits and when applying for cyber insurance.

The session is eligible for 1 hour and 20 minutes of CPD Professional Hours and includes an optional on-line assessment and Certificate of Completion.

Topics Covered

Cyber threats are at an all-time high and statistics show that law firms are prime targets for hackers. The realities of hybrid work (office and remote) have introduced even more challenges for law firms in protecting firm and client information from cyber threats. A key weakness in a firm’s defenses is often the ‘human element’. Techniques like phishing and social engineering can be used to trick firm members into inadvertently giving access to bad actors.

Training will be delivered live on-line to individual firms by LexCloud IT experts and will last 90 minutes including time for Q&A. A quick optional on-line assessment provides participants with a Certificate of Completion – valuable evidence of training for client audits and insurance requirements.

Initially, LexCloud IT experts will focus on the importance of cyber security protection in law firms by looking at real world cases of cyber-attacks and associated costs.

In the next section we cover how email is one of the most common vulnerabilities where security incidents occur. Many tactics are used to trick users into revealing information or expose the firm’s confidential data. Most participants will have heard words like “phishing” and “email compromises”, but what are these threats? We will walk participants through the most common vulnerabilities and corresponding protections for each of them.

Cyber attackers favor accessing users’ personal information to achieve online impersonation. Passwords are just the first step in protection. We explore additional methods to protect your personal and firm information.

Accessing the Internet and browsing information safely requires vigilance. Not all public Wi-Fi network or web pages are as innocent as they look. We will explain the pitfalls to avoid and how to ensure you stay protected.

In a world of increased collaboration between organizations and individuals, we need to be mindful of the possible risk of exchanging files and of the media used in the process. We will share our recommendations to ensure safe and practical sharing of files.

The session will also provide a broader overview of security threats and best practices for users.

Cyber Security is not only limited to software, devices and networks. There is a physical aspect too, whether at the office, at home or in public. We will discuss practices we can all adopt to be vigilant and effectively protect our digital information.

At the end of the session, an online assessment will be available to be taken within a week of the training session to achieve a Certificate of Completion.

For More Information

To learn more, or register your firm for for this essential on-line training, please reach out to us at learning@lexcloud.ca

We look forward to hearing from you!

The LexCloud.ca Learning Team


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