LexCloud.ca Partners with Microsoft, Bringing Private Cloud for Law Firms to Next Level

LexCloud.ca has been authorized as one of Microsoft’s select few Qualified Multi-Tenant Hosting Partners in Canada.

We’re pleased to announce that earlier this year, LexCloud was authorized as a Microsoft Qualified Multi-Tenant Hosting Partner (QMTH), one of just 12 authorized partners in Canada and the only provider with specialization in legal IT.

As a QMTH Partner, we are able to deploy Office 365 and qualified Windows products within our cloud infrastructure solution. Each user can install MS Office on four devices outside of our virtual desktop, including their home computer and iPad.

To be eligible to participate in the QMTH Program, a service provider must be a Direct (1-Tier) Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), have an active Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) with Microsoft and an Advanced Support for Partners (ASFP) support plan with Microsoft, which provides prioritized technical support.

The requirement to be a Direct (1-Tier) CSP helps ensure that service providers in the program meet Office 365 and Windows 10 supportability and technical requirements to provide an optimal end-user experience.


What is multi-tenancy?

Multi-tenancy allows the multiple law firms hosted in our Private Cloud to share equipment inside of our data centre. Each of the firms using our cloud are referred to as ‘tenants’, with operating software allocated to each. This enables us to deliver enterprise-class capabilities to everyone, centrally managed on one platform. However, it’s important to note that while firms share the same infrastructure, systems are very carefully segregated and secured.


Canada’s leading Private Cloud provider for law firms

This Microsoft QMTH partnership is yet another demonstration of LexCloud’s deep expertise in the management and delivery of Private Cloud for law firms. We own and operate our own systems, securely hosted in a Canadian data centre. For almost a decade we've helped more than 1,200 law firm users with our Private Cloud solution.  

Managed by our team of legal IT professionals, our clients benefit from capabilities such as mobile access, robust business continuity, advanced security, software compatibility and built-in document management software.  Firm users are supported remotely by our responsive help desk from 8am-8pm weekdays, with additional after hours support available.

Learn about the benefits of Private Cloud for law firms by contacting us or downloading our Executive Summary for Firm Partners.

Download the Executive Summary


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