Benefits of Microsoft 365 for Your Law Firm

Microsoft 365 for law firms

Innovations in cloud services and software are enabling forward-thinking law firms to grow and succeed in this new era of distributed work.

With Private Cloud, law firms benefit from a highly reliable and secure infrastructure that makes distributed work seamless with robust virtual desktops. By introducing Microsoft 365, firms can further enhance their productivity with feature-rich software.

What is it?

Microsoft 365 (“M365”) is Microsoft’s most powerful suite of software, featuring enhanced capabilities and flexible licensing. A subscription gives you use of dozens of productivity tools, including MS Office and MS Teams, which can be installed on up to five devices.


Modern Collaboration

Microsoft Teams is the new communications hub to replace Outlook.

Teams brings distributed firm members together in one collaborative space to maximize productivity. Its great advantage over Outlook is that you can conduct multiple independent discussions on different topics while keeping them easily separated into Channels.

Each Channel contains relevant discussion threads, documents, emails and scheduled meetings. You no longer have to spend time searching through your email and folders as everything is packaged together to provide instant matter context.’s custom Teams integration makes this even easier by allowing you to temporarily check documents out of your main file system into Teams while they are discussed and marked-up.

Teams videoconferencing features everything from screen sharing to session access controls. External parties can be invited in and appointments seamlessly sync to your Outlook calendars. is one of few Canadian providers able to offer videoconferencing inside of your virtual desktop, delivering a more efficient experience.


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Future Proofing

Microsoft 365 has become a pre-requisite for productivity in the forward-thinking law firm.

In addition to valuable enhancements for the Office suite, M365 also improves the capabilities that will be available from many third-party applications.

Cloud-based legal applications such as Clio, Filevine, Cosmolex and Rocket Matter all use integrations with M365 to deliver capabilities such as calendar and contact synchronization and in-app document review. Without M365, firms won’t be able take advantage of these features.


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Enhanced Capabilities

M365’s enhanced features enable you to improve internal collaboration and workflows with Teams and make day-to-day tasks more efficient with Office 365.

Here are some of our favourite capabilities:

  • Accessible web apps for Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote
  • Bring together all your team’s chats, meetings, files, and apps with Teams
  • Convert from Word to PDF and back again for editing
  • Includes Office applications for both PC and Mac devices
M365 also includes other applications to improve firm productivity, including SharePoint, which can be used to securely send documents of up to 100GB in size to external parties, and OneNote, a handy app for digital note taking that can be shared with other firm members.

All of M365’s applications can be used inside the virtual desktop, on your local device, and even by logging directly into Microsoft on any browser.


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Flexible Licensing

M365 includes installation on up to 5 devices per user, including your virtual desktop. This means you can access Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams and more without having to pay for additional licenses.

With, you have the flexibility to add or remove licenses as you need them, enabling you to pay only for what you use.

Updates are downloaded automatically to your devices with minimal user intervention, making management easy. The firm no longer has to undergo upgrades to new versions of Office, as new features and security patches are deployed almost continuously. will continue to manage all licensing and upgrades to ensure software performs optimally and securely, and we are pleased to offer resources and training to ensure you are receiving the full benefits of this powerful platform.


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Today’s technology choices are mission-critical for the future of the distributed firm. Pairing the business benefits of Private Cloud infrastructure with M365’s enhanced software enables you to maintain high levels of productivity and client service for years to come.

Are you a client? Contact us today to discuss how an upgrade to M365 will benefit your firm.

Considering Private Cloud for your law firm? Learn more about it here.


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