The Benefits of Outsourcing to a Specialized Legal IT Provider

Benefits of Outsourcing to a Legal IT Provider

Law firms have unique requirements, different from other businesses. IT providers that take a generic approach will often miss key requirements, which results in frustrations for the firm.

By working with a provider you trust to understand your needs and to take care of your systems, you will have the confidence to move your practice forward without distraction.

There are several advantages to outsourcing to a specialized legal IT provider - here are four of them:

1. They know your software

From document management to accounting, legal software is an important element of your day-to-day operations. Glitchy software or poor support will have a significant impact on productivity, costing you time, money and patience.

Many firms use trusted desktop software such as PCLaw, Time Matters or Ghost Practice, which were designed for use inside an office on high network speeds. This means they can be difficult or even impossible to operate from offsite over a VPN.

The right provider will understand these applications and how to integrate them with a platform such as a Private Cloud with virtual desktops, which delivers a truly seamless remote work experience to enable 100% productivity in any location.


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2. They know your business

Law firms operate differently than other businesses. Roles are unique and time is often critical - there is limited patience for technology issues or suppliers who deflect responsibility.

Most firms regularly deal with large volumes of paper and digital documents that would overwhelm many teams. The right tools for efficient document management can make all the difference, including support for ethical walls to protect the firm from conflicts.

You shouldn’t need to explain typical practice requirements to your provider, they should come to the table with solutions that maximize efficiency for legal teams.

The best approach is a turnkey platform that supports the software you need with high reliability and security for your data. This is why more and more firms are moving from onsite IT to Private Cloud with virtual desktops for their IT infrastructure.


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3. They protect your professional reputation

As a legal service provider, your primary obligation is to protect the interests of your clients; this includes security and privacy of data, professional service and ensuring business continuity for your firm.

Law firms are prime targets for cybercriminals and Canadian firms of every size are breached and ransomed for their client data. You need an IT provider who is as committed to protecting your data as you are by taking vigilant measures to minimize the risks.

If you’re considering moving your IT to a Private Cloud for its many business benefits, ensure the provider is aware of jurisdictional and data custody requirements from the profession’s licensing bodies.

An IT provider dedicated to law firms will make your due diligence easier and will minimize your professional risks.


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4. They provide a complete solution

Busy firms don’t have the time to micromanage IT. A specialized provider offering the “whole package” will save time, money and frustration.

Their offering should include key capabilities such as seamless remote work, business continuity and applications support tailored for the needs of a law firm.

A helpdesk with responsive service and trained professionals who are committed to resolving issues quickly allows you to get on with more important matters. They will support your legal software and utilize their relationships with vendors to efficiently troubleshoot problems and minimize interruptions to your work.

As new requirements emerge, your provider should offer strategic advice on industry trends, and new capabilities being adopted in the legal community.

Finally, you need to trust that they will be accountable should things go wrong. To a specialized legal IT provider you are not just another account. Law is a small community and their business depends on maintaining goodwill and professional standards.


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Outsourcing to a specialized provider with expertise in supporting law firms puts you several steps ahead in maintaining productivity and quality client service that isn’t hindered by technology.

By ensuring your back office is in good hands, you will have the confidence to focus uninterrupted on moving your practice forward.


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