Worldox Announces Integration with MS Teams

World Software recently announced their beta integration with MS Teams, a powerful collaboration tool for law firms with distributed workforces.

Worldox is a popular document management software for law firms across the globe. Its robust features and relatively light IT footprint make it an ideal choice for the Distributed Firm. 

MS Teams is an application that acts a central hub for a firm’s internal communications. Firm members can engage in discussions, live chat, videoconferencing, screen sharing and real-time collaborative document review.

Worldox’s MS Teams integration provides two-way communication between the applications, enabling firms to collaboratively create and review documents in Teams while indexing, versioning and efficiently retrieving documents in Worldox.

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Integration features include:

  • Creating new Teams directly from Worldox based on a client or matter. 
  • Sending documents to the new Team along with comments. 
  • Collaborating with firm members within the Teams ecosystem. 
  • Easily saving documents back into Worldox as new versions.

LexCloud is an Inner Circle member of Worldox Canada resellers and the exclusive provider of Worldox Cloud Canada. We've already executed several successful law firm Worldox-Teams integrations, with more planned for 2021.

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