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Worldox GX4, the latest version of Worldox, rolled out last fall, does not disappoint. With new features and a user-friendly redesign, GX4 is proving to be Worldox’s best document management release yet.

Firms currently using Worldox GX3 can upgrade to Worldox GX4 without additional software cost as long as their maintenance contract is active. The upgrade process is simple – typically performed one evening when all users logged out of Worldox, the upgrade automatically appears on their computer when they next launch Worldox.

The new features and design of Worldox GX4 make the upgrade worthwhile. A few of my favorites:

  • Favorites Matters. Coincidentally Favorites Matters is my own favorite new feature. (Favorites Matters are matters you’ve recently accessed either by opening or saving a document from the matter or marking a document as a Chosen Favorite from a matter.) Worldox has added favorite matters to the save screens, as well as auto-create drop folders in Outlook for simple email saving to Matters via drag and drop.
  • Chosen Favorites. My next-most appreciated new feature, Chosen Favorites, goes along with Favorite Matters – if you’ve added a bookmark to your Chosen Favorites, you can get one-click access to the documents you use most. ( includes the ‘My Chosen Favorites’ bookmark in our standard configuration.)
  • Clean New Interface. Existing users will immediately notice the complete redesign of the Worldox interface. All the icons and look and feel of Worldox are now in line with the flat Windows 10 feel. (If you prefer the old look, you can switch back.) Rounding out the new look and feel is a new tile view you can use instead of a list view to group documents in tiles according to your preferred sort scheme (for example, you can sort by doctype and have a tile for each doctype).
  • Conveniently Relocated Features. A number of familiar features have moved to more user-friendly locations on the Worldox screen:
    • Categories are can now be accessed right on the Save Screen
    • The old Location Bar has been moved to the top right. You can still search for documents by DOCID and description but now also by text without needing to open a search template
  • In line Field Search :
    • Another great new feature is the auto search of Profile Fields when saving documents. If you don’t know the Client or Matter code, you can type part of the name in the profile field and Worldox will auto suggest clients and matters that match what you typed(this also works for any other field such as Doctype, author, typist etc.).
    • When Text searching your results will show snippets of the text of the document right in the Worldox window

These are just some of the many improvements to Worldox with GX4. It’s available in different configurations, including traditional on-premises installation, as well as in a hybrid setup called Worldox Enterprise and of course in the Cloud as Worldox Cloud Canada, hosted by Worldox Cloud Canada is a native soil option for Canadian law firms in Canada who want Worldox without the hassle of maintaining their own servers, along with the assurance that their documents are hosted in a Canadian-based data centre.

For existing users on a maintenance contract, the upgrade is very cost-effective process – the only costs of the upgrade are your Worldox systems administrator’s minimal labour to perform the upgrade and a training class for your users to go over the new features. Worldox Cloud Canada users are already on Worldox GX4 and already enjoy all these great benefits.

The appealing redesign and new features of Worldox GX4 make it well worth the investment or upgrade.

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