LexCloud.ca Announces Platinum TLOMA Sponsorship

LexCloud.ca is proud to announce our Platinum Sponsorship of The Law Office Management Association for 2016.

“Our team has been working with TLOMA for many years, and we have valued the opportunity to improve technology awareness among its membership through its conferences and publications,” said Mike Dewdney, CEO of LexCloud.ca. “As a sponsor, we are delighted to support TLOMA’s professional development activities.”

LexCloud.ca provides the leading Private Cloud solution for Canadian law firms, allowing firms to eliminate on-site IT in favour of Cloud solutions that offer greater flexibility, improved mobility and compatibility with the firm’s existing applications. All data is securely stored in a world-class Canadian data facility, with better physical and technical security measures and disaster protection than most firms can maintain on-premise.

With virtual desktops and applications that can be securely accessed over any Internet connection, you can stay productive anywhere. Application support is just a quick call away – LexCloud.ca’s expert legal IT helpdesk supports leading legal applications, including Worldox, PCLaw, Primafact, Time Matters and Amicus Attorney, as well as standard Microsoft Office applications, solving issues as they arise.

LexCloud.ca’s subscription model is cost-effective compared to capital intensive network upgrades, and allows firms to easily add users and office locations as requirements evolve.

LexCloud.ca is based in Toronto, Ontario, staffed by legal IT veterans with over two decades’ experience providing legal IT solutions to Canadian law firms.

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