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In 2012, Larry Enfield and law partner Gordon Wood started their own firm. Both lawyers already had established and busy practices. The firm wanted a no-nonsense IT solution to get their office running. They relied on a trusted IT advisor to recommend a solution that would deliver what they needed.

The Challenge

The IT advisor recommended a cloud solution because the firm didn’t want to manage IT. And not a small requirement: the solution had to be compatible with the software they use day-to-day.

“Without [Teranet], we’re dead in the water.”

Larry cites Teranet real estate legal software as a critical requirement for his firm. And with a consistently high volume of work, he couldn’t miss a day due to IT issues. He needed a system that would work immediately, so that it wouldn’t cause interruptions to productivity. His requirements for the new system were simple: “Get it done quickly and make sure we can use Teranet.”

Why Choose the Cloud?

“LexCloud.ca was an easy choice”

A big benefit of the cloud is that there is no server to install and set up. No time-wasting hassles. A complete legal cloud solution like LexCloud.ca was a natural choice for the firm to make.

No-nonsense Implementation

LexCloud.ca implemented the firm’s IT solution over a weekend. Larry had concerns that it wouldn’t work on Monday when the firm needed it. But, happily, it worked and there weren’t any challenges or surprises his firm faced with the new solution.

The firm spent a month or so beforehand choosing the solution, and hashing out the preliminary details. Having it installed over a weekend allowed the firm to pick up where they left off and continue working on Monday morning with no interruption to productivity.

Works with Teranet

It was non-negotiable: the solution must work with Teranet. LexCloud.ca is, in fact, compatible with all standard legal software, including Teranet. Therefore, Larry confirms its reliability: “The solution has never impeded my ability to finish a real estate deal”.

The fact that their IT solution just works with their software without need to think about it is a key aspect to their productivity. And it’s a huge benefit for the small, busy firm. They can focus their energies on their work, and leave IT to the experts at LexCloud.ca.

Better Security

While in the process of selecting a solution, Larry talked to other lawyers who brought up security questions about cloud solutions. But, when he consulted his IT advisor, any apprehension he might have had about security was alleviated.

LexCloud.ca is more secure than adopting an in-house IT system. The state-of-the-art Canadian data centre is not only more physically and virtually secure than an in-house system, but is managed by a team of experts who keep abreast of threats better than in-house IT staff could ever do. Larry admits his fears were unfounded – the firm has never had a security issue since adopting LexCloud.ca.

The Result

“LexCloud.ca does all the work for you”

Larry rates his satisfaction with LexCloud.ca at 8 out of 10. High praise from a discerning client.

Larry would recommend LexCloud.ca to other small firms because you don’t need to invest in a lot of equipment. It provides a simple, necessary service, which is totally managed for you. He emphasizes twice that LexCloud.ca does all the work for you. As a man of few words, the repetition of this point speaks volumes.

For a free consultation on your legal IT needs please contact simplify@lexcloud.ca or visit our Products page to learn about LexCloud.ca’s Cloud Desktop™ for law firms.


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