“A New Firm Gets Up and Running Fast, with LexCloud.ca”

Duncan Macgillivray
Founding Partner

White Macgillivray Lester LLP

Personal Injury Lawyers
6 lawyers, 12 staff
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Committed to the northern community where they’ve built their lives and careers, Duncan Macgillivray and his partners decided to set up their new firm in Thunder Bay, Ontario. As seasoned lawyers, they knew they could serve their community best by becoming the only boutique personal injury law firm in the city. To do this, they needed to set up their office, and fast.

The Challenge

Set up everything for a new office 
in just one weekend.

The challenge was not a small one: They got possession of the space at 5pm on a Friday, and had the entire setup to accomplish over the weekend. That meant that everything, including desks, filing cabinets, computers, wiring, network, even cleaning – the works – needed to be completed at the same time, so that the firm could start work on Monday.

Duncan began speaking with LexCloud.ca at the OTLA Board of Directors Retreat. After hearing about their cloud solution and the over 20 years of experience they have helping law firms, he knew they could get his firm what was needed.

Up and Running Fast

“They were able to do an impressive job for us.”

Duncan can now laugh at what was a “hectic” situation at the time – mostly because it was a success. He says LexCloud.ca’s staff were crucial to the success of the setup. “They came in to Thunder Bay to do the setup and worked with us all weekend.” Duncan says. “They were able to do an impressive job for us.”

On Monday morning, LexCloud.ca staff were there to make sure everything ran smoothly, and to teach the firm’s staff what they needed to know. Duncan says, “On the ground, there weren’t actually any challenges or surprises – it went really smoothly.”

IT that Just Works

“We’ve been using it for a while and it works really well, really smoothly” says Duncan.

Cloud was an obvious choice over in-house IT for their firm because they had experienced issues that can arise with aging servers in their previous firm, that compromised productivity. The firm is delighted that their cloud solution provides consistently high - quality IT so the firm can remain highly productive.

Robust Remote Access

For Duncan, working in Thunder Bay and having a young family means that robust remote access is a must. It’s typical for him to work from home in the morning before his kids wake, and after they go to sleep at night. Other lawyers in the firm work remotely from cottages, and other locations, and need to be able to be just as productive as they are in the office. Remote access just needs to work – and with LexCloud.ca, it does.

Built-In Disaster Recovery

The firm didn’t want to have to worry about disaster recovery if “an event” were to occur. A great benefit of LexCloud.ca is that disaster recovery comes “free”. This gives the firm peace of mind that their data is safe. One of many IT concerns that the firm never has to worry about.

The Result

“I was surprised to discover that 
it works as well on a Mac as an HP laptop.”

Even in their document-intensive area of law, access to their desktops remotely is reliable and fast - like working from the office. Duncan was happy to learn that he can work seamlessly on both his home and work laptops, despite the fact they are on different platforms. He can leave his HP at the office, work on his Mac at home, and have a completely consistent experience.

The firm is especially pleased not to have to deal with IT management issues such as disaster recovery or security. It’s a weight off the firm’s shoulders that they have a trusted cloud provider keeping their IT running.

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