4 Reasons to Use Zoom in a Virtual Desktop

Zoom in Virtual Desktops for Law Firms

The whole legal profession is now online and video conference platforms like Zoom are regularly used for everything from client meetings to virtual trials.

Most law firms didn’t start out with IT systems capable of supporting both remote and in-office video conferencing, however firms with Virtual Desktop infrastructure are best positioned for productive remote work.

LexCloud.ca is one of just a few Canadian IT providers able to offer Zoom inside a Virtual Desktop. Here are four reasons why it’s better than using it on your local device:


1: Familiar, Consistent Experience

In your Virtual Desktop you’re working in a familiar environment, which enables you to present with confidence and avoid technology-related stress. Whether you’re logging into Zoom on your firm laptop, desktop or a home computer, LexCloud Virtual Desktops deliver the same, consistent experience in any location.

With LexCloud’s specialized Citrix configuration, Zoom performs smoothly without compromising the speed of the network, which can happen with other remote solutions. Software, email and files can be kept open and ready during presentations. Web software such as Caselines is also readily available via a browser.

Virtual Desktops’ consistent experience ensures you can Zoom comfortably, making every session more efficient and successful.


2: Enhanced Data Security

These days, the primary security weakness with remote video conferencing is the use of unsecured devices; when preparing for a document-intensive Zoom session, remote firm members who don’t hold their session inside their Virtual Desktop have to copy sensitive files out of their secure network and onto their computer, which doesn’t have the rigorous security controls of the Virtual Desktop. Client data can easily be exposed to malware or device theft.

Using Zoom inside your Virtual Desktop ensures all firm data is kept inside LexCloud’s Private Cloud, where it’s encrypted, monitored and protected by our advanced security features and protocols.

Paired with two-factor authentication, LexCloud.ca Virtual Desktops provide the most secure remote solution for law firms: don’t let Zoom on local devices compromise your security.

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3: Convenient Document Access

Citrix, the worldwide gold standard for Virtual Desktops, is one of few remote work technologies that supports videoconferencing, giving you instant access to all your office files, emails and software.

Inside your Virtual Desktop, you can navigate directly to your documents without having to spend time copying them over to a laptop or local drive before your presentation.

Whether your firm accesses documents via Windows or document management software such as Worldox, your Virtual Desktop enables you to interact with your files in a familiar and therefore more efficient manner.

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4: More Screen Share Control

When you Zoom on your local device and then select your Virtual Desktop for screen share, it presents everything inside of it as a single screen. This limits your ability to display individual documents, apps and browsers.

Screenshare-Local (00063241x9D842)

Screen sharing from inside your Virtual Desktop gives you more control, enabling you to share individual windows:

Screenshare-Citrix (00063242x9D842)

While running Zoom, you can simultaneously maintain confidential, real-time chat with co-counsel and clients on your local device. This ensures the chat window will never be visible to other parties.

We recommend MS Teams, installed on your laptop, iPad or home computer. Teams is available with Microsoft 365 and each user in your firm gets up to 5 device installations (including your Virtual Desktop). Teams features discussion channels and real-time chat windows as well as live document review and sharing.

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Not many law firm IT providers are able to offer Zoom inside Virtual Desktops, as it requires a provider with advanced Citrix expertise; LexCloud.ca is a Citrix Partner with experience deploying Zoom inside of Citrix Virtual Desktops in law firms across the country.

Contact our helpdesk Mondays to Fridays, 8am – 8pm 416-535-2516 / 844-450-4545 to discuss your firm’s video conference needs.

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