Smooth Move: Simplifies a Law Firm Office Move

Chantal Desloges

Chantal Desloges
Founder & Senior Partner

Desloges Law Group

Citizenship & Immigration Law
8 Professionals, 14 staff
Toronto, Ontario

In the fall of 2019 Desloges Law Group, a successful immigration firm, reached out to to support their move to a new office in downtown Toronto. “As one might imagine, there were many headaches associated with the logistics” says Senior Partner Chantal Desloges.

Thankfully, the firm had traded their onsite servers for’s Private Cloud four years earlier; with all their data and software hosted on our systems in a certified Canadian data centre, they didn’t have to deal with securing new space for their IT or worry about moving expensive, delicate equipment.

"The one thing that went very smoothly was switching over and reconfiguring our IT in the new space."

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The Goal: Minimize Disruption

As a thriving practice with a reputation for exemplary service, Desloges Law Group needed their technology back up and running as soon as possible so they could get back to focusing on their clients. “LexCloud provided an incredible level of support to get us operational in as short a time as possible”, says Chantal. “This included helping with the setup of computers, phones, printers and liaising with Internet and telecom providers.”

Immigration Consultant and Acting Office Manager Ani Khachatryan was charged with the monumental task of coordinating the move, working with a LexCloud Technical Manager to resolve some challenges with cabling and connectivity in the heritage building.

“They were a great help” says Ani. “They went out of their way to solve the issues for us within a very short timeframe and relieved our stress by making sure we were all set.”

" employees are always there to help; it doesn't matter what time and what day of the week. That is a huge time saving for us."


Ideal for the Distributed Firm

Ani agrees that is an ideal IT solution for firms who are evaluating their office space as they move to more distributed operations. “Definitely - I would advise other firms to seek their help.”

As more law firms work remotely or part-time from the office, the right technology is essential for enabling full productivity. features high availability, built-in business continuity and robust virtual desktops. It’s compatible with most legal software, including trusted desktop software like ESILaw, PCLaw, and Primafact, and unlike most cloud solutions, it fully integrates with Zoom and MS Teams.

By logging in to their virtual desktop, firm members have access to everything they need, in any location.


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LexCloud’s IT experts are trained to support the unique needs of law firms, assisting with everything from office moves to document management.  “LexCloud is the team where professionalism, caring and competence is on a very high level” says Ani. “This
combination, unfortunately, is very hard to find elsewhere.”

After a successful move that kept firm members and clients happy, Chantal has no regrets about outourcing her IT to “Every time we ran into a snag, they were right there to help. In short, there is absolutely no way we could have transitioned so successfully without the fantastic support we got from LexCloud.”


To learn how's Private Cloud improves productivity in the Distributed Firm, download our Technology Essentials for the Distributed Firm eBook or contact us today for a free consultation.


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