Using the Amicus Tasks Toolbar in Word and Outlook

A very useful productivity feature of Amicus Attorney is the ability to perform Amicus Tasks in external applications.The Amicus Tasks Toolbar can be installed in the following applications:

Using Floating Toolbars for Easy Access to Amicus Attorney

Floating Toolbars let you quickly access Amicus Attorney when you are working in other applications.

Using Categories to Find your Worldox Files Faster

Categories can be used to provide an additional layer of Worldox file organization that helps you more flexibly sort your documents by some common attribute that you assign.

Creating Special Purpose Binders in Primafact

Within most matters, there are often smaller issues to manage that require only a subset of the complete document record. Primafact allows you to maintain copies of the same document in multiple locations, which can be useful for managing discrete activities, such as preparing for discovery or assembling motion materials. Creating special purpose binders lets you corral these curated document sets in one convenient location. I’ll show you how to set one up below:

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