Linking Contacts to Matter Records in Time Matters

Within any matter, there are a lot of relationships to manage. Time Matters makes your Contact records more powerful than an address book when you link these Contacts to other records.

Access Frequently-Used Amicus Records faster with Favorites

Favorites offer a convenient way to access frequently-used items in Amicus Attorney. Instead of repeatedly hunting for the same records you use all the time, the Favorites feature lets you gather your most-used items in Favorites folders so they are always close at hand.

Scheduling Team Meetings in Time Matters

Setting up team meetings in Time Matters makes it easy to keep groups up-to-date as schedules shift. When booking group meetings in Time Matters, you’ll want to ensure you have linked records, so any future changes are reflected on all attendee calendars and not lost in missed individual records.

Capture More Time with the Amicus Attorney Time Entry Assistant

Amicus Attorney Premium’s Time Entry Assistant helps you easily capture billable time that you may have forgotten about. If you’re not using it yet, you should be – the Time Entry Assistant is designed to identify and complete missing time entries.

Using the Amicus Tasks Toolbar in Word and Outlook

A very useful productivity feature of Amicus Attorney is the ability to perform Amicus Tasks in external applications.The Amicus Tasks Toolbar can be installed in the following applications:

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