What’s New in Amicus Premium 2015

Amicus Attorney has recently released Amicus Premium 2015 with new features designed to significantly improve your firm’s practice management, workflows, productivity and client collaboration – ultimately helping you capture more billable time.

Preserve “Big Picture” Focus with Primafact’s Binder View

The most notable feature of Primafact, in my view, is unquestionably the most basic – the binder. I love Primafact’s binder view. It’s great to be able to lay out your documents in an order that captures the “flow” of your matter, with items laid out in a progressive sequence rather than being forced into standard “sort” listings (by date, alphabetical name etc.).

90-Second Series: Document Versioning in Worldox

Get the basics of Worldox document versioning in this short video by Scott McNeil.

90-Second Series: Saving Email In Worldox

Scott McNeil shows how to save an email from Outlook to Worldox in this short video

90-Second Series: Basic Searching In Worldox

This video by LexCloud's Senior Technical Manager & Applications Lead Scott McNeil shows you how to do a basic Worldox search in under 90 seconds.

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